Institute Of Maritime Studies – Objectives


The objectives of the Institute of Maritime Studies in the University of Nigeria are to:

  1. Provide a centre of excellence for formal training on Maritime Studies at the postgraduate level;
  2. Train and develop prospective academic researchers and specialists in Maritime Studies, equipping them in the process, with higher level of thinking and rare zeal for research and development in the maritime industry;
  • Produce manpower with capacity to manage various aspects of the maritime industry as they relate to the private and public sectors of the economy;
  1. Expose students to the integrative and interdisciplinary nature of maritime business and international logistics, regulations, law, policy and their dynamics;
  2. Contribute in the production of manpower, who will not only assist in the creation of information and knowledge-based evidence in maritime business/logistics, regulations but also in research and research-training in the maritime industry.
  3. Expose the graduate students to the classical and contemporary management theories and techniques needed in analyzing and proffering sustainable solutions to challenges in the maritime industry.
  • Provide an international medium for exchange and transfer of knowledge and an effective collaboration centre for learning in maritime studies;
  • Produce outstanding maritime management experts and practitioners in particular and global business managers in general.